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Membership TSGV “Under Par”


Membership of TSGV “Under Par” for just €39,95 per year offers the following advantages:


–        Every month a members drink

–        Every month a members tournament

–        Every month a relatively cheap training by our golf professional Theo Reijers

–        Great network possibilities before and even after your academic career

–        Student memberships at golf club Prise d’eau for a lower student price (see below)

–        Possibilities to participate in student tournaments all through the Netherlands

–        Possibilities to become member of a committee

–        Handicap registration and a Dutch Golf Association card (NGF-pas)

–        10% discount at John Sports Shop located in Tilburg


Membership at TSGV “Under Par” offers you the following membership packages at golf club Prise d’eau:


Membership “Student until 21 years old” — €244,20 per year

Membership “Student 22 until 25 years old” — €346,80 per year

Membership “Student 26 until 30 years old” – 642,- per year


All the three memberships mentioned above have the following advantages included:


–        Membership time: September 1– August 31

–        Unlimited possibility to play at Prise d’eau

–        Unlimited access at practice facilities (including clubs and practice balls)

–        2 extra green fees on 3 collaborating golf clubs

–        Booking tee times 3 weeks in advance


Would you like to get one of these memberships? Send an email to secretaris.tsgv@gmail.com to receive the application form.


Starter package — €55,- per month


Would you like to start learning the game of golf?


Then this starter package will be something for you! Within 5 months you will learn to play golf at a certain level that allows you to play at almost every golf course in the Netherlands. This starter package consists of the Student Membership, 12 golf classes with our golf professional Theo Reijers and the necessary (rather simple) theoretical and practical exams. The starters package takes 5 months. After this period, you can switch to the regular Student Membership (see above)

Have you finished this starterspackage? Than you can change to one of our other packages.